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Funding Sources solves your funding needs. is a boutique referral service, soliciting the 3 elements that make any project successful:  quality projects, seed money investors, and project financing.   As a referral service, services are FREE to you; we take no money from the project side, but are paid by the funding source.  

All companies, large or small, constantly require funding of various types.  There are numerous funding strategies a company might wish to pursue if they become aware of the possibilities.  There are an almost limitless number of consultants, brokers, commercial, investment, merchant banks, insurance companies, pension funds, government sponsored programs and other institutions that can provide, or arrange to provide, funds within the context of an agreed funding strategy.’s major strength is its experience in all of the above referenced situations.  This is accomplished through our ongoing contacts and experience with a variety of available institutions.

The current inter-relationships between widely dispersed international markets makes it nearly impossible for a company’s traditional advisors (accountants, attorneys, consultants) to provide a company an in-depth understanding of the numerous domestic and international options that might be worthy of detailed consideration.  In addition to funding options that have been historically available such as; Venture Capital, Commercial Bank and Public Listings there now exists a multiplicity of national, state and international options that are available to even the smallest company (start ups included).’s sources are recognized as having a thorough knowledge of the operating protocols in both domestic and international markets.

Companies tend to automatically select a "name" firm (Investment Bank) to handle their funding needs without giving proper consideration to the fact that numerous other attractive relationships might be available to them. has the ability to critically analyze the characteristics of your company and growth strategy and then formulate a custom tailored funding program without constraints as to a particular method of fund raising.  This eliminates the need for companies to expend time and effort researching the vast spectrum of financial possibilities.  

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